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Want to Learn More About Genius Hour?
Check out the"Getting Started with Genius Hour" Workshop!
In this webinar we cover the five main strategies to get Genius Hour started in your classroom, and also the common pitfalls to avoid during Genius Hour. Great for a first timer or someone looking to improve on their previous experience!
Interested in LAUNCHING Design Thinking in your School or Classroom? Check out the "Getting Started" Webinar!
Join us for the Step-by-Step Guide to Design Thinking. Including project ideas, assessments for creative work, and resources to get you started!
Check Out My Books On Innovation, Empowerment, Design Thinking, and Choice
I've written six different education books (number seven is almost here!) all focused on innovative practices, and what we can intentionally do to make learning meaningful and relevant. 

As a former teacher, instructional coach, football and lacrosse coach, and now a current administrator, adjunct professor at UPenn PLN, and parent of four kids--I've made it my life's work to write books that are both practical and motivating. I hope you take a look and check out the books!
Inside Innovation: Listen to the Podcast
As a father of four crazy kids, author, and a public school teacher (turned Director of Innovation) I'm sharing strategies, resources, interviews, rants, and practical ways to innovate right now. We look at all the innovative solutions you wish they taught you in grad school, and how to bring back creativity into our schools today (oh, and we definitely have fun while doing it!).

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